Thursday, August 31, 2006

Uh, why do I always read so much into everything?

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The House

So MF and I have been emailing back and forth, trying to set plans for drinks--but it doesn't seem to be happening, yet, our schedules don't seem to jive. But I haven't had time for dating much, because I've been dealing with my new house!

I bought an almost-Brownstone (it's a wood frame house, built in 1910, that is the shape and size of a 3-story Brownstone, but technically isn't) on the Greenpoint/Williamsburg border. Well, the mortgage company bought it, so I owe them my life for the next 30 years (and my parents are co-signers--no mortgage company is going to give a sporadically employed actress a loan of that size).

I really didn't realize what an undertaking this would be (naive, I know) -- Dolly, listening to my daily stresses, already says she never wants a house! And all my other friends are patient, but I think sick of hearing me talk about it.

We got a deal because it's a dump. Seriously. No significant upgrades in 50 years, at least. The layout is god-awful, nothing seems to work right, the usual really old New York building problems. But it has major potential. A huge garden (20 x 60!!!). 3 stories, so 2 rental units, to pay the mortgage off. And once I spend 100k on all the improvements (right?!?), it'll be gorgeous. It even still has the original Blustone sidewalk outside.

Brownstoner is my new blog crush. Hope you guys don't mind if I share my house-woes (along with my dating woes) here!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Master Flirt resurfaces....

So because I'm an idiot (and possibly because I had too many mojitos at happy hour) I sent the Master Flirt another text message last night (I know, I know, I shouldn't have, yes). Again, just "no?"

He emails me today:


I've been insanely busy trying to get my life in order. Part of that was struggling to get Time Warner to fix my interweb. Now I am emailing you!

Think we should hang out soon? What's your sked like?

What should I do??

Friday, August 18, 2006

No Word

...from the Master Flirt. Much ado about nothing, I guess. Perhaps he's changed his mind in the last few days? Even if he's trying not to appear too eager, 4 days is excessive...

C'est la vie. I didn't need the drama anyway.

Tall Ted is hanging around -- we email back and forth every day. I dunno. He's the sweetest, but.. something doesn't seem totally right. I dunno. We shall see....

Monday, August 14, 2006


When I woke up yesterday, I was feeling good about this whole situation with... um... let's call him Master Flirt. I could use something totally fun right now. And pressure free. And the multiple text messages we exchanged yesterday evening didn't hurt.

Let me take a minute to explain why I really don't want anyone in our circle to know--unless it goes somewhere, which it probably won't. He had dated another girl in the group for a few years, and by all accounts it ended badly, after being pretty serious. She hates me anyway, I think, because she had a thing for Hot Actor and he was flirting with me at some party in December. So, I'm not really anxious to deal with her wrath. Also, everyone would have an opinion of the whole situation, thinking it's great, or it's awful, or whatever, and why bother if it's just a fun flirtation? And, as downtown suggested, it's fun to have a secret fling as well....

Back to yesterday's text messages:
MF: I hope i wasnt a beast
Polly: A beast? No, but everyone interrogated me about you today....
MF: Is that bad
P: I vehemently denied everything.
MF: Ha xoxo
P: xoxo :)
MF: So do we hang out?
I couldn't respond right away. After an hour or so I get:
MF: No?
P: I'd love to. What were you thinking?
He doesn't reply. This afternoon I send another message:
P: No? ;)

Still no reply, after a lot of messages flying back and forth. The silence is disappointing--and surprising. I honestly didn't think I cared enough to be disappointed (and yes, I know, a 24 hour lack of communication means nothing). Huh. What a strange development. Perhaps I don't want a fling? Not really anxious to get hurt again, and if I'm disappointed at something so minor, I'm obviously more invested than I think...

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Interesting Development

So, there's this guy that runs in the same circle I do. He's always been a total flirt with me, but he's that way with all the girls. However, I'm a master at dishing it back as good as I get--we've been sharing clever banter for the last year, whenever we run into each other (at most, once a month). So this weekend he's out, I'm out, and the witty repartee picks up right where it left off. Of course, our exchanges are fraught with sexual tension--that's the whole fun of the game, and I get to say things I wouldn't dare normally. It's like I have this magic power with him (and only with him, somehow) to always have the perfect snarky response to everything he says. I feel empowered around him. He's super smart, and talented, and challenging--but I'm able to match him, word for word. And did I mention his gorgeous brown puppy dog eyes?

At one point in the evening, I get up to use the ladies room. He asks me where I'm going, I say, "to the ladies room. Care to join me downstairs?" (totally joking, of course)
He replies, "I'll be there in 4 minutes."
"I'll be counting," I say.

On my way upstairs, he starts down the stairs, corners me, and we start to kiss. Woah. Can someone say fireworks? Of course, since it's a pretty tight knit group, this is something that does not need to come out in the open (he used to date another girl in the circle, so why discuss a meaningless kiss?) so we keep things on the DL.

Later in the night, we pull the same routine. Of course, everyone else eventually leaves, and we're left alone. My god, the conversation we had... the hottest thing I've heard in ages. But I'm not really anxious to get another notch on my belt, and crawling into bed with someone all my pals know is probably not the smartest idea, so I refrain (and he doesn't push the issue either, knowing it's a bit inappropriate).

We share a cab, make out a bit, and he says he wants to see me again. Even goes off on his good qualities, listing reasons why he'd be good to date.

When I get home, I glance at my phone and a text message awaits. "you are awesome xoxoxo"

Friday, August 11, 2006

The date

So Tall Ted and I have decided to just be friends.

Friends that share sweet kisses on sidewalk corners on Tuesday nights, apparently.

We met up early, for drinks, (it was so crowded! When did Tuesday become the new Thursday?) and I babbled away for 2 hours to prevent any discussion of us dating, single life, etc. (I was nervous). When I finally wound down, TT brought up the inevitable subject. I told him that yes, indeed, things had not worked out with the other fellow, and I'm sad about that, but single. It seemed that he wanted me to admit that I made the wrong choice, which I did admit to him. Then he suggested we try again. I did tell him, honestly, that I'm not in the best place to start something up right now, that I don't want to rush into anything because I'm feeling lonely right now, as opposed to feeling empowered and confident (which is where I think one should start a new relationship). So he offered his friendship, and said if I changed my mind to let him know.

So we decide to get food, and I'm a bit tipsy, and we're walking and the next thing I know, we're kissing. Nice, sweet, adorable, gentlemanly kisses. I always really liked kissing him--I'd forgotten how much. We grabbed some food (he still insisted on paying despite my repeated attempts), and left things with a few more kisses, but still up in the air. He says he'll come see my show this weekend, so I'll be sure to see him.

Whatever happens, though, I can certainly say he's a real gentleman.

Monday, August 07, 2006

A..... date?

Interesting weekend. Friday, after catching up with some of you (you know who you are), I hit the singles scene, for the first time in 6 months, pretty much. Yikes! It was interesting, to say the least, but nothing aside from two mildly annoying incidents.

Bachelor #1 was a wannabe hipster at a wannabe hipster bar. He sat down next to me and we chatted for about 10 minutes. He was telling me how "beautiful, smart, and funny" I was (no, I didn't take him that seriously) when his friend, a crass not-so-little thing, came in demanding to know where Raymond was. Bachelor #1 said he didn't know.
"He was just here," she whined.
"I know he's here somewhere. Did you check the back?" replied Bachelor #1 calmly.
"Well he just sent me a text message...."
As it seemed clear this conversation would go on for a while and I really didn't care for (a) being ignored and (b) whiney screaming in my ear, I got up to chat with my friends, thinking that Bachelor #1 would retrieve me when his conversation was done. He didn't.

Bachelor #2 (totally gorgeous, btw) was at my fav country-western bar (yes, they do exist in Manhattan) with an adorable southern girl. I assumed they were together, and when the young lady in question started singing along with me to "You Never Even Call Me By My Name" we started up a conversation. When she left to go to the bathroom, he informed me that no, they were not together -- and then proceeded with some hard-core flirting. When the girl returned she seemed pissed (she obviously had her sights set on him) and announced that they were leaving and trounced out of the bar. Bachelor #2 kissed my hand and said "maybe he'd see me around." He didn't ask for my number, but I did give him the name of my show. Perhaps he'll surprize me there? I'll be sure and hold my breath.

Love that NYC singles scene. Though I am in better shape for it -- 4 days of hiking and a 24-hour bout of altitude sickness in which I could keep nothing down (figure out where I went yet?) has added up to a 10 lb loss. Best diet ever! I even bought a cute skirt at Banana Republic and am down a dress size (unless they've increased their sizes again).

So, everything's all set for post-work drinks tomorrow with Tall Ted. Ostensibly to "catch up." He doesn't know of my new status (last he heard I had a bf, IBF, of course,) but I suspect that he suspects. I'm reluctant to call this a date--I don't think I'm quite ready to date yet, and I'm not sure that hopping into something with TT is the greatest idea either, especially since I've already turned him down, but it will certainly be nice to have drinks with someone who clearly thinks I'm something special, regardless of romantic intentions or the lack thereof.

Polly is definitely back "out there."

Thursday, August 03, 2006

I'm Baaaaack!

Okay, so I'm back, at last. Sorry, South America was so gorgeous that I didn't want to hop right back into the hectic swing of things....

No Latin American steamy stories. My tour group had a couple cuties, but nothing could really happen (we were camping, and no showers for 3 days kinda puts a damper on things). Bummer.

But it was great to get away. Not think about my life, boys, etc. Though I did return to find an email from Tall Ted in my email box, checking in. First the British Scientist, now him? He wants to meet for drinks. Hrm.....