Saturday, September 30, 2006

Just Got Home...

Tonight was Tall Ted's bday. Just got home. Of course we ended up making out half the night. He said his birthday wish (on his cake) was to get me to agree to go to dinner with him again. Awwwwwh.....

Alcohol mixed with a spot of my usual autumnal depression made for a sad Polly. I got too sentimental, and cried a bit, and Tall Ted thought this was just so endearing. Not my objective, of course, but the result wasn't bad. He actually handled my maudlin behavior quite well. Smashingly. I still felt no chemistry with him till the last hour of the night, when I laid on the 'cocky-funny' (yes, a PUA term, but it works with both guys and girls) on pretty thick. And suddenly, there were sparks.

Not sure what to make of this recent development (of course, I'm still 'off the market') but there you go. I can't avoid the guy drama, I guess.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Gmail down?

Why can't I connect to gmail at all today?!? Anyone else having this problem? Grrrrrrrrrr.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Sorry Dear Readers!

Don't know if any of you are left, but if you are still out there, thanks for hanging in there.

The last few weeks have been hectic. I moved into my new house yesterday! Our quick and dirty (emphasis on the dirty--the contractors leave a wake of dust and dirt everywhere they go) renovations are almost done and the movers moved most of my stuff yesterday. Of course that cost double the estimate! No one ever said moving was cheap.

I'm going to be living in the newly finished basement -- with my own bathroom! It's gorgeous--white, huge, and all mine. I've never had my own bathroom before--I'm not sure I'll know what to do with myself! Lots of long bubble baths await.

Still have to paint and find subletters for my old place (anyone need a cheap bedroom share in WaHi?)

The dating life? Non-existant. Things have drifted away with Master Flirt. Too many attempts to meet up, too many scheduling problems. The fade from him, perhaps? Fine by me--I don't need the drama right now.

I also started acting class again--year 2! More activities, but more fun stuff. We started to work on really yucky characters--bigoted or racist or extremists. Hard as hell, but a great challenge to push yourself.

So that's the update, if anyone's still out there....

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Boy Update

Ran into Master Flirt last night (we run in the same circles). Spent most of the night not really talking to each other, but as soon as everyone cleared out, he cornered me, invited me to his house, and we made out a bit. I declined his invitation, told him that I certainly wouldn't be going to his place until we've had a proper date (or two). He seemed to agree with this plan, though I'm not holding my breath. Did get another end of night text message saying "Omg you're amazing" that's been keeping a smile on my face all day.

Ended up crashing at the Founding Member's place (it was too late for a 2 hour subway ride, and I can't stay at the house yet--it's totally gutted), and the two of us commiserated about our less than ideal love lives. No, nothing happened. Though I thought there might be a possibility there, I think that door has firmly closed. Which is good, because he's good friends with the Master Flirt and that is a whole mess of drama I don't need.

In other news, my disastrous New Year's Kiss (whom I haven't seen since) contacted me. We're going to a movie tonight. Not a date (i don't think) but so odd to hear from him out of the blue after all this time. Should be interesting...