Saturday, July 28, 2007 sucks

Please forgive me as I rant but I'm pretty pissed off right now.... has been running these great end of summer sales -- 40% off all sale items. So of course, being the wannabe fashionista I am, I have to check it out, find this great dress in my size that is absolutely gorgeous and totally trendy for fall. Order the dress, no problem, right?

No. Bloomingdale's decides that since I'm shipping the dress to my work address, not my home address (*gasp!* How shocking!) that I must be a credit card thief. They call my bank, and my bank doesn't have a phone number on file for me. So instead of calling me, they send me an email, saying I have to verify this information. Fine, no problem. I call Bloomingdales, am on hold for over an hour, while they call the bank, verify this, verify that. At the end of the hour they inform me that Oops! They cancelled my order, and oh, yeah, because the dress was on sale, they ran out. Sorry!

What I don't get is why they cancelled my order, if they were going to have me on hold for an hour, when there is NO MORE STOCK LEFT! And why did they cancel my order? Why didn't they just hold it for shipment, till they verified everything? I wasted an hour of my life, over a stupid problem, for NOTHING.

I hate them. Shop at your own risk.

Okay, rant over. Haven't been dating much, but updates to resume soon.